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Technical Support
We tell the world we always operate our company following the principle of "Service creates value." We are providing our customers professional customer service and prompt response. We are supporting customers in reducing operational cost, increasing efficiency and marketing competitiveness.

Services we provided in details
A. Technical support
Customers can send emails to our support engineers directly for any technical problems. The answers or solutions will be feed back within two working days. We have already had a problem escalation process in order to provide instantly responses to customers.
B. Training service
Being a high quality inkjet printer manufacturer with advanced technologies, we commute ourselves to providing professional, practical, and pertinent training to the customers and business partners, so as to enhance the abilities of their service team.
In order to better serve our customers, we tailor the training plan according to different stage, printer model and customers special requirements. At the same time, in order to satisfy further request of advanced technician training from the customers, we will provide different series of training solution in order to improve the problem solving competence.
C. Spare parts preparation
We have a dedicated team to manage the inkjet printer spare parts and accessories of all equipment supply. As a supplier of color inkjet printer, ECO solvent printer and UV flatbed printer, etc., we can efficiently provide our customers the printer parts required via the quality management system. For protracting spare parts usage period and reducing maintenance cost, we also provide the service of replacement, urgent accessory support, repairing firmware, upgrading software, trouble shooting, etc.

Service procedure in details
A. Problems or enquires are sent to the sales representatives who are responsible for corresponding account, they will settle the non-technical problems firstly.
B. The sales representatives will deliver your technical problems to our international service engineers for solution finding. They will feed back you via e-mail or telephone.
C. Regarding the problems that cannot be settled via e-mail or telephone, we will send our engineers to your company for local service.
We also keep providing business solutions to the customers according to their business growth and the dynamic changes of the industry.

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