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The questions given below may not suitable for all of the printer models. They are provided for your reference. The other questions hereunder have not been mentioned, please contact with our chief service department for help.

Problem Possible Cause Solution/Remedy
1. No power 1. Main Switch is off. 2. Emergency (stop) switch is activated. 3. Power On button is defective. 4. Low Input Voltage Supply. 1. Turn On the main switch. 2. Deactivate both emergency (stop) switch. 3. Check Power On button by pressing. 4. Check actual voltage supply using multi-tester.
2. Print head does not firing ink 1. There is air inside tube of print head. 2. No ink in secondary tank. 3. Too much negative pressure. flat cable not connected properly to control board. 4. Defective print head control board. 5. Defective power board. 6. Voltage wave setting is disabled. 7. Defective print head. 1. Remove air by sucking out ink through the extension tube. Use syringe to remove air. 2. Check secondary tank and ink level sensor if defective or not. 3. Reconnect flat cable properly. 4. Replace defective print head control board. 5. Replace defective power board. 6. Check setting of voltage and wave. 7. Make sure all channels are enabled. 8. Replace print head.
3. Some nozzles are not firing ink. 1. Dirty print head nozzles. 2. There is air inside tube of print head. 3. Defective print head. 4. Too much negative pressure. 1. Clean print head using auto cleaning system. 2. Remove air by sucking out ink through the extension tube. Use syringe to remove air. 3. Replace defective print head. 4. Re-calibrate negative pressure to correct setting.
4. Cannot achieve correct negative pressure 1. Ink protect tank is filled with ink. 2. Negative pressure tank is filled with ink. 3. Defective pressure gauge. 4. There is leak with one of the ink tube lines. 5. Defective air regulator. 1. Remove ink from ink protect tank. 2. Remove ink from negative pressure tank. 3. Replace defective pressure gauge. 4. Check all ink tube lines for any leak. 5. Make sure there's no leak on all ink tube lines. 6. Replace defective air regulator.
5. UV lamp is not turning ON. 1. Defective UV lamp. 2. Malfunction UV lamp switch. 3. Time between turn off-on time is too short. 4. Power supply cable is not properly connected. 1. Replace defective UV lamp. 2. Check UV lamp switch for any malfunction. 3. When UV lamp turns off, allow 3~5 minutes before turning On. It has protection circuit. 4. Check all power supply cables connected to the UV lamp system.
6. Shutter assembly is not shutting. 1. Defective print head control board. 2. Shutter switch is disabled from the computer. 3. Defective shutter assembly. 1. Replace defective print head control board. 2. Check the setting from the computer. 3. Make sure that the UV lamp control is enabled. 4. Replace defective shutter ass'y.
7. Buzzer beeps from ink control board. Insufficient Ink supply from one of the primary ink tanks. Check primary ink tanks and refill tanks that needs more ink.
8. Buzzer beeps from carriage. Insufficient water supply circulating in the print head heating system. Fill the water tank with water.
9. Carriage gets in contact with media during printing. 1. Gap between carriage and media is too close. 2. Vacuum bed motor is turned off. 3. Vacuum chamber setting is inappropriate for the media. 1. Re-align the carriage so that the gap against the media is from 1.0~2.0m. 2. Turn on the vacuum motor switch. 3. Choose the right chamber setting for each media. ?It can be adjusted in 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%.
10. Carriage suddenly stops during operation. 1. Raster strip is dirty. 2. Portions of raster strip has severe scratch. 3. Defective raster strip. 4. Defective raster encoder. 5. Raster encoder is not properly installed. 1. Clean Raster strip with IPA (alcohol). 2. Replace strip that has sever scratch. 3. Replace defective raster strip. 4. Replace defective raster encoder. 5. Re-align raster encoder.
11. Carriage is not moving. 1. Machine is offline. 2. Carriage Servo motor is offline. 1. Press green button (on/offline) to link between pc and printer. 2. Turn Off the machine. Restart after 10 seconds to reset the motor.
12. Auto clean function is not working. 1. Defective wiper control board. 2. Software mal-function. 1. Replace defective wiper board. 2. Reinstall printer driver.
13. White ink not printing. 1. White ink is set at "none" option in white option tab. 2. Air is present inside the tube of print head. 3. White refresh toggle switch was not used prior to printing. 1. Check the setting of white ink option tab. 2. Remove air using syringe thru the extension tube. 3. Activate White refresh toggle switch for 5~10seconds prior printing. 4. It will replace ink from secondary tank to primary tank.
14. Ink is not drying. 1. Incorrect setting of UV lamp mode. 2. UV lamp intensity is not enough. 3. Worn-out UV lamp. 4. Shutter lamp is not opening. 1. Check the appropriate setting of UV lamp mode. 2. Increase intensity of UV lamp to high by pressing the high power button. 3. Replace worn-out UV lamp. 4. Check shutter lamp assembly. 5. Make sure shutter lamp is working properly.
15. Output is not dithering smoothly. 1. Print head alignment is not correct. 2. Printer driver not updated. 3. Wrong parameter in color profile tab 1. Re-align print head accurately. 2. Install the latest updated printer driver. 3. Review again the setting of color profiler tab. Make sure all settings are correct.
16. No power in print head control board. 1. Defective print head control board. 2. No power supply on J18 connector. 1. Replace defective print head control board. 2. Check +41V and +24V power supply 3. Assure that the power supply is working properly.
17. Presence of excess ink in the printout sample. 1. Caused by ESD effect to the media (depends property of material). 2. The ionizer is off. 1. Let the media be exposed to the ionizer for several seconds to neutralize the ESD effect. 2. Always turn On the ionizer.
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